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We have two premier locations in Southern Nevada, including Downtown Las Vegas, and Henderson. Viva Las Vegas!

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Online classes will consist of individual courses, guest seminars, content added regularly, and live classes.

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Your source for high quality training gear, and apparel. Owned, operated, and, designed in Las Vegas, NV.

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Premier hand-crafted leather flip-flops, wallets, and training gear. Ethically sourced leathers and made in the USA.

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Message From Casey Halstead

I started my martial arts training as a child. My first exposure to Martial Arts was Wrestling. I wrestled for the local youth club, and much like everyone else of my generation Karate and the eastern arts played a big part in my development. I would dabble in various forms of Karate and wrestling on and off for most of my teen years. Later as an adult, I was feeling a little stuck and started to feel the urge to train again. Fast forward many years, my business partner (Ron) and I trained at an academy that was very old school and it was exactly what we needed at the time. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fundamentals were second to none and gave us an amazing base that we still use to this day. When it was time to open our own Academy we decided to take all the good experiences that we’ve accumulated from all the instructors we’ve ever had and eliminate what we didn’t like. Our first location was 10th Planet Costa Mesa. The first goal was to create an environment that would be based on five pillars. 1. Family 2. Education 3. Team 4.Health and Fitness 5. Jiu Jitsu. We knew very early that if we wanted to compete in this space we needed to have a different angle. In summary, we are a gym that is Family First, politic free, innovative and encourage growth as a Human and Martial Artist.

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